I Got 99 Problems but a budget ain't one...

Money is the tough part right? I totally get it. I understand that not every couple has the same budget. I never want a tight budget to keep me from working with amazing couples.

Some of you may be eloping, doing a small courthouse wedding, or just keeping the festivities short and sweet and do not need all-day coverage. The super rad part is that I create custom packages so that you can build in only the things that you need and spend the rest of that cash on your super sexy honeymoon. Wink wink!

Yes, I got bills to pay (my kids eat ALOT) but I totally understand that you're investing in me for your amazing day and that is a big commitment. But I promise I'm worth it! Who else is going to check your bridesmaids' wrists for those pesky hair bands or quote you Wedding Crashers when things get a little tense. Just hit that button below and we can talk about it all!

While Tampa, FL is my home base, I can and will travel so don't be afraid to ask. 


Packages starting at $1,000